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 Thank you for showing interest and welcome to Kicheko Academy, an online learning platform which allows you to learn at your own pace, at your own time and location.

 Here is the procedure to get started:

1.     The first step is to “Register” into the Academy system. You can do this by either clicking “Register” on the bottom menu or clicking “Register” on the top menu.

2.     The second step is to select a “Course” of your interest. You can do this by either clicking “Courses” on the top menu or perusing through the “Course Categories” on the Home page.

3.     The third step is to understand the outline and content of selected Course of interest before you buy it. Please read carefully the “Course Overview” and the “Curriculum” to make sure that it meets your requirements.

4.     The fourth step is to “Buy” the Course. On the Course page simply click “Buy this Course” and you will be given an Order Number and instructions on how to make payment. 

5.     Please note that all payments are made offline through either direct Bank Transfer or by using mobile phones to pay through Selcom Masterpass payment number 60389533. Please include order number while making payment for easy identification of your payment.

6.     Once your payment is received you will immediately be notified and get access to the Course. If you’re using M-pesa App or TigoPesa App or NMB Mkononi App just scan the QR code above to make payment.

7.     It is advised to cover each topic at a time and do all the exercises and quizzes included for best results. Do not push yourself too much. Just take one lesson at a time for better learning outcome.

8. One on One zoom meeting with course instructor is available for enrolled students. Just request an appointment on the Course’s Forum and an invitation will be sent to all students enrolled in that course.

Thanks again for your interest and welcome to Kicheko Academy.

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Kicheko Academy Team

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