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Create an online course and earn money by teaching people online. Help people learn new skills, advance their careers, and explore their hobbies by sharing your knowledge and skills. Earn money every time a student purchase your course. 

How to become a teacher

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Please fill the Teacher registration form on the left and click submit. On the message part please tell us about yourself and your knowledge and experience in teaching that subject. Teaching online is as simple as the following three steps: First - plan your course, Second - upload your course notes, video, audio, assignments and quizzes, Third - interact with students by answering their questions by text, forum, or video meeting. Finally you will have an option to issue certificates of competence.
1. Always make yourself available to respond to questions from your students and assist them as much as possible; 2. Be kind and polite while dealing with your students knowing that some of them are slow learners and need more time and patience to understand the same thing which others could manage in a very short time; 3. Arrange at least one live video conference with your students by using zoom which is built into this facility. Your students will only need to download the app into their phones or laptops and have an internet connection to join the meeting. 4. Make your teaching experience a fun to be enjoyed by your students. They can learn better that way.
Our Courses assume a basic familiarity with computers, so students will need to know how to use a mouse and navigate a computer interface in order to be successful. There are four distinct learning plans any Teacher in Kicheko Academy must follow. Each plan addresses a specific set of skills students may be interested in acquiring. Each plan has three components: (1) Objectives: These are the goals learners have entering this course of study. Objectives can help you identify the best plan for your class. (2) Outcomes: These are the skills learners should have gained after successfully completing the plan. (3) Learning plan: This is a possible sequence of the Course.

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