Our Story

Every one has a special and unique talent and ambition. But the formal classroom education system does not always allow full development of such talent or fulfilling that ambition. We saw the gap and Kicheko Academy was formed to bridge that gap by giving everyone a chance.

“Kicheko Academy is a unique and wonderful opportunity for everyone to develop their talents and achieve their goals and dreams.”

Dr H. E. Kavishe, Co-Founder


Kicheko Academy is an online learning system which harness the power of technology to give a chance to everyone to develop their talents, skills and special interest.

Whether the formal classroom education did not quench your thirst, or you want to top up what you have learned in school, or you are too busy to attend formal classrooms, this platform gives you an alternative way to learn online and educate yourself in the comfort of your home and at your own pace.

This platform is also ideal for Senior Executives, Ministers and Members of Parliament who are either shy to sit in the same classroom with other people, or are too busy to attend formal classrooms. By using this online learning platform they can learn in private at their own pace and at the location of their choice.

Distance and location is no longer a factor when it comes to opportunities to develop through self education online.


Kicheko Academy provide an online learning platform for specific courses which are relevant and directly related to day to day activities. These include basic computer knowledge and skills covering the most important microsoft programs used in daily office work like word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, and others.

Kicheko Academy provide the most useful productivity courses to help people use technology to work more productively in their business and working environment.

Kicheko Academy also include courses targeted at youthful audience covering creativity software to allow them to employ themselves in photography, audio and video creation and editing fields.

Kicheko Academy also has courses dwelling on general life skills for career planning, career development, job application and others. These are common skills which are needed mostly by young graduates as well as anyone aspiring to further develop their career.

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